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Bruno Nestore

Foam Rubber and Plastic Products

A story born in 1977

Quality products respect the habitat

Never as in this case it is appropriate to speak of passion, initiative and boldness as the ingredients that made it possible to create from scratch a company which, established in 1977 as a handicraft concern, was soon able to change its company set-up and has grown and achieved a prominent position in the field of FOAM RUBBER and PLASTIC PRODUCTS.

Nowadays, the company is able to meet special requests and supply standard and custom-made products. Its strength is a family type matrix that makes it extremely flexible, careful and punctual in terms of material processing and delivery.
Its areas of activity are numerous and diversified, including the automotive, building, aircraft and nautical sectors, household appliances, railway applications, plant construction, the heating sector…

All this bears witness to the great capacity of Bruno Nestore s.r.l. to spare no efforts in the service of its customers, by studying and identifying for each of them the most innovative, effective and qualitatively advantageous solutions. 
Bruno Nestore s.r.l. has undertaken a process of development geared to a global improvement of the company and obtained the IATF 16949, specific for the AUTOMOTIVE field, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. A quality that is not only reflected in high production standards, but is also expressed through mindful and effective global management. This means making strategic choices to identify working solutions providing real benefits for the customer, through the enhancement of management system efficiency and the awareness of company personnel, who are constantly trained and participate in each single production step.

We inform that, by the deed on the 31th of October 2018 certificated by Notary Dr. Carmelo Ceraolo in Turin,
n. 206.650 Rep., n.33.235 Racc., the members of the Bruno Nestore S.r.l. transferred thei whole shares to
Cleaning Industriale s.a.s. di Priarone Riccardo & C.
(See the communication in PDF)


Foam Products

In a sector this wide, Bruno Nestore s.r.l. is an example of a company that can offer a widely diversified range of activities and foam products:
• non condensate gaskets and seals
• foam material profiles and sheets
• vibration-damping and sound-proofing products for automotive components
• foam gaskets for climate control, refrigeration and heating systems
• cable coverings
• forming and dust-proofing gaskets for the home appliance field
• sealing in rubber products
• sealing, gaskets, profiles for buildings and lifts
• protections for travelling motion
• sport equipments and accessories

The company is able to process and adhesive any type of foam material, in any shape, thickness and colour, as a function of customer requests.
The materials range from foam POLYETHYLENE to EVA, from foam POLYURETHANE to recycled polyurethane compounds, from FOAM ELASTOMERS to EPDM, PVC, COMPACT RUBBER, FOAM SILICONES; they can be coupled with FELTS or TNT.
They can be supplied also in continuous rolls to make the application easy and fast. 



One of the most innovative products and a feather in the cap of the technology and the research programs conducted by Bruno Nestore s.r.l. is TUBOLINEE. This is a self-adhesive foam plastic material, which, on account of its technical features, is unique and inimitable. The TUBOLINEE has been designed to adhere perfectly to curvilinear surfaces such as those of pipes, braces, raceways, cables … where the use of standard commercial products will cause problems of detachment due to the shrinkage of the material, or where the application of sheaths and insulating pipes is subject to the constraints arising from the geometry of the assembly.
The TUBOLINEE can be made of foam materials and features excellent noise attenuation, impact absorption and sound-proofing properties. 



Born of long-standing experience in the field of products for the glass making industry, RIMOFLEX® separator blocks and strips provide an optimal solution for the packaging and handling of finished products. Innovative and unique, these blocks have been designed to adhere to glazed products without having to use glue, thereby avoiding upon removal the undesired presence of residues and marks, which may even result in permanent damages to glass and valuable plate glass products.

A registered trademark of Bruno Nestore s.r.l., RIMOFLEX® blocks are available in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes, and, at the customer’s request, can be coupled with coloured films. They are also supplied in pre-cut coils for automated application. 


Cork, Cork-Rubber, Special Papers

The cork-rubber is used as an excellent vibration dumping and as seal for several applications:
• vibration-damping gaskets for the railway field
• vibration-damping gaskets for machineries
• seals for the automotive field
The cork is, mainly, used for the production of adhesive separating pieces for the glass industry.
Special papers are used in the industrial, automotive, agriculture machinery fields as seals with good temperature and some chemical agents resistance.

The company is able to process and adhesive any type of cork, rubber-cork and paper material, in any shape and thickness, as a function of customer requests. 


Tube and Products for Insulation

Tubes for insulation are used in several applications:
• non condensate and vibration damping gaskets and seals according to automotive standards
• foam tubes and gaskets for climate control, refrigeration and heating systems
• tubes and gaskets with low thermal conductivity for thermal and hydraulic plants insulation
• sound-proofing tubes for cables covering in the automotive field

Impermeable to water and steam, non condensate forming and characterised by low thermal conductivity, the tubes, panels and rolls in foam rubber are elastic and adaptable to any utilisation condition: excellent thermal insulators, they make it possible to save energy and prevent unnecessary heat dispersion.

Foam polyurethane panels, also covered with plastic films, aluminium and TNT, recycled textile or polyester mattress find application as acoustic and thermal insulations in the automotive, agriculture machineries, trucks, building, industrial fields. 

Where we are

Bruno Nestore S.r.l.
via Massimo D'Antona 31/A/B,
10040 Rivalta di Torino (TO)


Bruno Nestore s.r.l. has undertaken a process of development geared to a global improvement of the company and obtained the IATF 16949, specific for the AUTOMOTIVE field, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Where we are

via M. D'Antona 31/A/B
10040 Rivalta di Torino (TO)